Injection And Bottle Blow Machine

//Injection And Bottle Blow Machine
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Full Automatic Bottle Blow

PET Bottle Injection Machine

Injection And Bottle Blow Machine

Plastic Bottle Injection Moulding Machine
Automatic Plastic Injection Molding Machine Adopting Europe technology,hydraulic unit adopts proportional pressure and flow control,the pressure and the speed can be adjusted,stable movement curve and gentle shock,the computer is imported from Industry family. The LCD displaying screen with high clarity has Chinese and English language to use. Close-loop PID temperature control with the advantage of high precision. The operating table of the injection moulding machine have two safety, one is machine safety, another is electrical safety, that ensures the operators’ safety.

PET Bottle Blowing Machine
Automatic PET Bottle Blowing Machine is suitable for blowing PET bottles of various shapes, volume from 100ml to 2000ml, wide application for blowing mineral water bottles, soda bottles, cola bottles.
1. New double crank four pull-up bar clamping structure, cross balance fixed slide
2. Sealing, stretch adapts parallel bars (CIS) design, combined, good for products molding
3.Advanced gas path design, single, dual air intake can be; low-pressure mechanical clamping, sealing, stretching; high pressure blowing molding
4.Programmable PLC controller automatically control, microcomputer touch screen convenient operation
5.Bottle embryo heated by infrared, controllable constant pressure control, so as to achieve the best blowing precision.

PET material→ Dehumidify→ Load material→ Injection machine→ Preform
PET Preforms→ heat preform→ stretch→ blowing→ bottles