Adhesive Labeling Machine

///Adhesive Labeling Machine
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Adhesive Labeling Machine

Suitable for various kinds of bottle type of fruit juice, tea beverage, dairy products, pure water, condiment, beer, sports drinks such as food and beverage
A. Can set of round bottles, square bottles, elliptical bottle, bottle and body.
B. Suitable for food, beverage, cleaning products, pharmaceuticals, bottle etc all kinds of plastic bottle, glass bottle, PVC, PET, PS, tin and other containers.

Main Feature
1. Applicable to the pharmaceutical, food, daily chemical etc. industry round bottle for semi circle and circle labeling
2. Using well-know motor drive, sending speed stability, reliability
3.Adopting advanced human_computer interface system to easy operation, complete functions, it has a wealth of online help function
4.Automatic photoelectric detection, have nothing without labeling, automatic correction or alarm and automatic detection function without standard, prevent leakage and waste
5.Rotary rolling body, adopting elastic cotton belt, label attached more smooth, firm, no wrinkles, more better to improve packaging quality;
6.This machine has simple structure, compact structure, convenient operation and maintenance
7.Its back side can connect production line, can also be equipped with receiving turntable and be able to facilitate product of collecting, sorting and packing

Input Power 1.5KW
Input Voltage 3, 380/220VAC
Production Efficiency 150 Bottle/ min
Size of Host Machine L2100mm×W850mm×H2000mm
Applicable Diameter of Bottle Body 28mm-125mm
Applicable length of Label 30mm-250mm
Applicable thickness of Label 0.03mm-0.13mm

Electrical Part Brand

No Name Brand Manufacturer
1 SUS304 stainless steel South Korea
2 motor TWT Taiwan
3 Bearing NSK  MNB  EZO  IJK Japan
4 stepper motor Tamagawa Japan
5 Stepping Driver Ertl Taiwan
6 PLC  controller Omron Japan
7 Inverter  Delta Taiwan
8 touch-screen Omron Japan
9 Contactor Schneider French
10 Sensor SUNX Japan