Automatic Pallet Stretch Film Wrapping Machine

///Automatic Pallet Stretch Film Wrapping Machine
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Automatic Pallet Stretch Film Wrapping

Technical Data:
Packing size length : 500-1200 width :500-1200
packing height L2200mm
Turntable height 80 mm ²
turntable bearing less than 2000 kg
Machine Weight 650 kg
Total power 1.2KW (3 motors)
Power supply voltage 220 V (single phase)
turntable speed from 0 to 12 rev / min

The main performance
PLC programmable control, winding program options, a variety of adjustable parameters,
humane Panel icon, simple and easy to operate
photoelectric switch automatic sensing cargo height
automatic pre-stretch film feeding mechanism
turntable slow start, slow stop, automatic reset
top and bottom separately control the winding number
automatic, manual switchable, almost no routine maintenance

Turntable Drive::
turntable Frequency 0 ~ 12 rpm adjustable;
turntable automatically reset;
dial selection of high purity steel wear-resistant material.
Membrane system。
Membrane system:
film frame frequency power pre-stretch mechanism, pre-stretch up to 250%, reducing the amount of consumption of film.
film frame up, down speeds are adjustable.
film feeding speed adjustable frequency; separate AC motor control.
top and bottom of the wound several individually controlled.
film system with the actuator, a pull can.
pure iron film frame film frame, lightweight and stable
choice of wear-resistant plastic rollers, long service life
lifting column for the chain structure, stable and reliable.

►The main components(electronic control system optional case)
PLC (Yonghong) (China)
wheel drive (zhongchen) (China)
lifting drive (zhongchen) (China)
pretensioners drive (zhongchen) (China)
trip switch SCHNEIDER (Schneider) (France)
photoelectric switch (Fuchs) (Germany)
proximity switch (Yangming) (Taiwan)
film frame lifting gear (Golden Dragon) (China)
turntable reducer (RUyang) (Taiwan)
film frame pre-tension motor (oute) (China)