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Laser Code Printer

Brief Introduction
New CO2 laser coder is a highly integrated, compact, easy to operate,
Chen use and maintenance of the low laser coding systems. It is applicable not only in
Cartons, food, pharmaceutical industry simply marking coding applications, it is also ideal for
Beverage production date marking, and optimize the use in the beverage industry

Standard configuration
Laser marking device: Including laser, tell digital galvanometer scanner lens with lens protection, the controller, input-output panel, embedded keys, power supplies, connectors, switches, mediation focal distance homing device) laser beam direction: 90 degrees exit angle, touch device, a user interface

Options and Accessories
Mobile stand, beam covers, discharge device, encoder, optical fiber photoelectric eye, touch screen support, mounting bracket

Sealed carbon dioxide laser power level 10 watts
Laser class 4 (according to European standard 60825-1)
Central emission wavelength: 10.6um

Laser area
Marking format / mm 110*10
focal length/mm 139±2

Prevent ash layer into the internal air cooling
Ambient temperature: 5 ℃ to 40 ℃ (duty cycle is reduced to a maximum of 45 ℃)
Temperature range: 10-90% non-condensing

Touch device
Based PC, communicate via Ethernet with the marking device
USD on the touch screen interface for data exchange
Configuration language to English (American English and British English), Simplified Chinese

Technical Parameters
1) Print Line: 1-5 lines (5 * 5 dots)
2) Print Dots: Figure & letter 5 * 5, 5 * 7, 8 *10, 8 * 12, 12 * 16, 16 * 16, 24 * 24, and user-defined dots within 32 * 32
3) Memory: 1000 message, 1000 graphics
4) Print Speed: 800 character per second ( 5 * 7 dots)
5) Letter Height: 1-20mm
6) Operating interface: Chinese, English
7) Print objects: Chinese, English, figures, date, time, and numbering of reset
8) Material: metal, plastic bottle, glass, wooden, tubing, electrical wire, cable etc
9) Font Width: Up to 9 times
10) Nozzle Connection Tube: 3M
11) Communication Interface: USB and RS232
12) Ink and ink colors are as Black, yellow, red, orange, white, blue, green .