OPP Hot Melt Glue Labeling Machine

///OPP Hot Melt Glue Labeling Machine
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OPP Hot Melt Glue Labeling Machine

Major Components:
Conveyor belt
The supply of star wheel
Standard station
Vacuum sucker
Drive unit
Hot melt glue machine
Rubber roller
Synchronous belt
Cutting standard part
Label rectification
Vacuum system and gas source treatment
Control system

1. Brief Introduction
Name: Hot Melt Glue Labeling Machine
Model: 10000-12000 bottles series
Labeling: circumferential labeling
The use of glue type: hot melt adhesive
1.1). Trademark cutting blade adjustment easy
1.2). Vacuum suction mark wheel is made of high hardness material ; The added wrinkle treatment program can reduce the friction of the trademarks and prevent the static electricity generation.
1.3). Replacement of compatible parts can be done quickly and efficiently within 10 minutes.
1.4). The position of the blade can be adjusted accurately and conveniently by the manual operation disk.
1.5). Made of special material of vacuum suction roller and the lower part of the trademark cutting wear anti fever
1.6). When the length of the trademark is changed, the automatic adjusting button can automatically adjust the position of the I-MARK.

2. Use Trademark
Label material: OPP (wheel type) / BOPP
Label specifications: refer to user requirements
The labeling: straight line type hot melt labeling

3. Device Description
3.1). Use wheel type labeling method
3.2). Labels delivered from the label rolls are used for labeling operations along the guide rails along the guide rails.
3.3). When the label passes through the standard wheel, the sensor automatically detects I-MARK
3.4). Once the electronic eye position is confirmed, the demodulator automatically adjusts the operating speed of the standard wheel, and then correctly specifies the cutting position.
3.5). After the label, the label enters the shearing part to carry on the cutting operation, and then the cut good label is sent to the vacuum sucker.
3.6). By the conveyor belt of containers by supply starwheel are properly arranged and adhesive label in roll of labeling for the first time, and then rely on the synchronous belt and the perfection of the labeling work

4. Installation Instructions
4.1). Control: motion controller, frequency converter
4.2). Safety device
Driving part is provided with overload running protection device
The supply of the star wheel abnormal state termination device
The free supply of bottled detection device
For the whole load detection device

5. Major Components
5.1). Conveyor belt
5.2). The supply of star wheel
5.3). Standard station
5.4). Vacuum sucker
5.5). Drive unit
5.6). Hot melt glue machine
5.7). Rubber roller
5.8). Synchronous belt
5.9). Cutting standard part
5.10). Label rectification
5.11). Rack
5.12). Vacuum system and gas source treatment
5.13). Control system

6. Compatible Parts
6.1). The star wheel and a guard plate
6.2). Vacuum chuck
6.3). Screw propeller
6.4). Bottle guard board

◆Cutter and drive – use single-pole structure, by vacuum pump action, by the traction unit came labels adsorbed on the go at the cutter is cut, another part of the secondary air is blown follow the label, successfully separated from the cutter drum transferred to drum labeling. This mechanism durable mechanical part, when it is cut : small vibration, low noise, long life of blade.

◆Traction and drive – use the motor to drive the traction roller, pinch roller is connected by a threaded rubber traction roller compaction, through the label by the pinch roller intermediate rubber roller and traction, the control system controls the servo motor, to achieve the purpose that traction control of the label length. And This standard mechanism is stability.

◆coating and sol dryer –when working, coating mechanism pushed by the cylinder make the coating glue roll and labeling drum tangent fit .Meanwhile , melt glue machine sol state to a desired temperature , Constant voltage (uniform) . The Adhesive roll uses labeling glue evenly coated on both ends In rubber roller way .This part is coated evenly and saving glue.

Machine Type 10000-12000bph
Main motor power 2.2KW
Main motor brand Taiwan Brand
Controller Schneider
servo motor Schneider 1.5KW
PLC Module Schneider
sensor SICK Schneider   Panasonic
Encoder SICK
Low voltage electricity Schneider
Voltage 380V±10%
Frequency 50HZ
Total power About 8KW
Labeling Type Single-circle Body Labeling
Suitable bottle Round Bottle∮40-105mm,height=80-350MM
Labeling Size Length125-325mm, height 20-150mm
Gluing type Roller (both ends of label head and tail is approximately 10mm)
Using labels mode Roll labeler
Capacity 12000bph(500ml bottle)
Glue consumption Production :80,000 bottles use about 1kg (label height 50mm)
Compressed air pressure MIN5.0bar MAX8.0bar
Compressed air consumption 0.2M³/min
Total Weight About 2000kg
Overall dimensions L=3150 W=1570   H=1800