Spray Cooling System

///Spray Cooling System
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Spray Cooling System

➢ This cooling system is used to cool down the PET bottles, glass bottle and cans after hot beverage filling.
➢ Because juice filling is hot filling, temperature can reach 80°C after fill into bottle, so there will be condensing water occur on the whole bottle surface continuously until the filled bottles become same temperature as the room temperature, so the purpose of the Spray cooling tunnel is to prevent water condensing on the hot bottles and make a good condition for labeling, and packing.
➢ Because after filled, the bottle’s body and bottle’s neck will speckle by the some juice more or less, so the Spray cooling tunnel is also can rinse the filled bottle with the circular water, it work as a rinser too

➢ This machine adopts recycling water to spraying the bottle , the outlet bottle temperature is about 38 degrees
➢ The chain plate is ABS, adopted the famous USA brand
➢ The conveyor is frequency control.
➢ All nozzle and spray tube is made of stainless steel and spray evenly.
➢ The spray cooling tunnel has spray cooling recycle water pump and steam adjustment valve.
➢ The machine frame and the machine body is stainless steel frame

Technical Parameter
➢ Cooling Capacity: Customized
➢ Cooling time is adjustable, main motor transducer
➢ Water Circulation Capacity:30m3/h
➢ Measurement:6000×2400×1500mm Weight:2400Kg
➢ Total Power of Equipment: 7.5Kw